Solutions Squad was started when two high school friend’s paths crossed again in 2005.
With constant interruptions by computer question calls every time they tried to catch up, it quickly became clear that they were able to provide their friends and community with a great service, and maybe even make a living.

The first business card proudly displayed “Residential, Commercial, S.O.H.O” along with the tag line “Affordable Technical Solutions” and that was the focus. Partnerships and relationships were forged with some of the bigger names in the IT space, baselines were put in place and the company was born.
Services included on-site computer repair, server management, networking, hardware sales, home and office telephone systems, audio and video systems, web site hosting and design, CCTV and security systems, Point of Sale, consulting and training.

As the years progressed, the focus began to align with the skillsets, and business IT services came into focus. As early adopters of remote monitoring and maintenance, the company was able to provide faster, and more efficient responses to clients. No more waiting for days to get help meant happier clients as well.

Today, we are a mature company with a fine-tuned skillset and service offering.
We are a boutique IT firm specializing in helping provide award winning Managed IT & Security Services to small business owners across South Florida, with supported users worldwide.

We keep in-tune with industry norms and curate our own to best fit the select clients we work with. Most of what we do gets done behind the scenes, which means users keep happily working, uninterrupted. Maintenance of your systems is also a built-in routine utilizing artificial intelligence.

With a Security Operations Center (SOC) helping monitor for suspicious activities, a Network Operations Center (NOC) helping monitor devices, and a South Florida based helpdesk, we readily cater to our clients’ every need.
We take pride in knowing each & every client and user on a first name basis and providing them with awesome service. We are our clients’ trusted advisors and continually work to earn that trust.
Our tag line now reads “Taking IT to the next level”, and that is exactly what we set to accomplish every day.