[contentblock id=10] Collaborate And Brainstorm Online For Free

StormBoardI’m a fan of technology that makes it cheaper and easier to do things, and one of my current favourites is something called StormBoard. The name comes from whiteboard and brainstorm, which makes it pretty clear what the service does.

It’s an online web-based tool for brainstorming, but with support for multiple collaborators on the internet so that everyone can see the board and take part in the discussion. So instead of having lots of people in a room, scribbling on a whiteboard or a flipchart and then taking photos at the end, you can now do it online, with everyone calling in remotely, and photos are automatically saved for viewing by everyone who took part.

It’s actually quite a neat idea, and works for teams or even just as a planning tool for one person. You’ll find details and signup instructions at www.stormboard.com. It’s a commercial paid-for service, but a free account allows up to 5 people to join your online brainstorming session. And it never expires so you can use the free account for as long as you like.

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