Coronavirus help: Free Microsoft Teams training from Bigger Brains

Bigger brains is offering free Teams training for work at home users.

The COVID-19 / Coronavirus situation has created an unexpected and unprecedented global shift to work-from-home and study-from-home situations for thousands of people.  In response, tech companies including Microsoft and Google have made their Teams and Hangouts tools free to help people be more productive working remotely.

Bigger Brains is also making available free training tools to help companies and individuals.  As the premier provider of Microsoft Teams eLearning, Bigger Brains is uniquely positioned to help those who find themselves suddenly depending on remote collaboration to do their job and stay in touch with their peers.

As such, Bigger Brains is taking the following steps to help:

  • Our mini-course on Microsoft Teams, Teams Essentials, is temporarily available free on YouTube. Through five short lessons this course covers the basics of Microsoft Teams, including best practices for how to use Team’s features effectively.
  • A 50% discount is available for the Bigger Brains web portal, which includes the award-winning Mastering Microsoft Teams course. The coupon code ‘workathome’ will apply the discount to any subscriber at
  • In addition, some older courses such as Mastering Excel 2010, are now available free on YouTube.
  • Our popular nudge learning app, BrainBot, is available free for a limited time for Teachers to use to deliver workflow training and training reinforcement through Microsoft Teams, Slack, Facebook, or email.

As a company who already utilizes a predominantly remote-work team, Bigger Brains believes that today’s tools give everyone the power to work productively from anywhere.  While the world deals with this new challenge, which we all hope will be short-lived, we are committed to supporting our clients and colleagues to help everyone continue working and learning productively.


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