Client Testimonials

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My name is Jeff Selzer. I’m a managing partner at Selzer & Weiss, attorneys at law located here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. When we needed some IT assistance, we retained Solutions Squad to help us with our Internet, our website, and any problems we had in the management of our network of computers for our law firm. They have been absolutely terrific since the first day they came to our office. We recently moved and Solutions Squad came with the team and made sure that our new building had all the appropriate Internet connections and the equipment. They successfully moved our entire computer system, set up our network, revamped our website, provided client intake iPads. They would take information and email vCards to us. There is absolutely nothing they cannot do. And since we moved in a couple of weeks ago, we have had a couple of minor issues. They were here immediately. I would highly recommend Solutions Squad. They have absolutely done a terrific job for us, and we look forward to working with them in the future for many years. I would highly recommend them, thanks.

Jeff Selzer
Selzer & Weiss, Attorneys at law

Hi, my name is Jeff Baum with BlueStar Telephone Consulting. We use Solutions Squad for our computer needs and network needs and everything else needs. Um, and they are great. Every issue that we have had, David has always come up with the solution. And every solution is five seconds instead of five hours. I think they are one of the best companies to do business with because when David says there's an issue, we know it's an actual issue. And he always comes up with the solution and does it very quickly and efficiently.

Jeff Baum
BlueStar Telephone Consulting

My name is Ed Kaplan, I have just used Solutions Squad for the third time, and they were able to help me again, quickly, efficiently and reasonably, and I would refer them to anybody who needs electronic systems like I do all the time. They did many functions here, including re-establishing the computer to be able to print properly, changing passwords and whatever else, anything that I would not be able to do without a great deal of difficulty and great need. So I would recommend them highly.

Ed Kaplan

My name is Bernard Mandler, I'm a practicing attorney, and I have been a lawyer for 50 years or better. I practice civil litigation, I have been a client of Solutions Squad now for approximately two plus years. I have found them to be a very important organization in my life because any time I have a problem that needs to be resolved promptly and efficiently, I would call them and they are always there when needed, and always there on time, and what they do is effective and responsive.

Bernard Mandler
Law Office of Bernard Mandler

Hi, I'm Robert Medina, warehouse manager of Alliance Distributors, and we distribute all over the world, video games and such accessory systems. All our IT, all our networking, anything with our cameras, anything with our phones, we deal with Solutions Squad. And we, I'll tell you, we are happy that they are there, they follow up, they come through, and we can depend on them.

Robert Medina
Alliance Distributors

My name is Michael Oz from Stellar Payment Systems. I have been working with Solution Squad for the past seven years. They have been extremely good in providing us with the services that we need. And when I say the services that we need, it's exactly the things that we need rather than the things that we think we need. Because a lot of times, we think we need something and they redirect us towards the items. Or the expenses that we need to make. Rather than inflating the expenses, they will give us the right amount or the right equipment that we will need in order to accomplish what we want to accomplish. And they have been helping us with IT which includes in our case anything from Web hosting to design to our phone systems, servers. And it has been a very good experience over these years. And we would recommend them to any other company. This is something that is unique because we do not usually recommend many of our vendors, only very few. And then we were with Solution Squad, and Solution Squad in general is a company that we would recommend highly to anyone. Good luck.

Michael Oz
Stellar Payment Systems