When it comes to the technology that keeps your business in operation, up-time & continuity is key. If your business relies on technology to get the job done, we are here to help with the following managed service offerings:

Proactive Server and Desktop Maintenance

As an integral part of our managed service, we make sure all software updates and security patches are installed quickly. This is the one of the biggest single points of failure in small business IT security, which is why it is a priority for us to make sure this is done right and on-time.

24/7 Monitoring

Uptime is key. That is why our remote monitoring service remotely monitors and diagnoses your system 24/7, constantly looking for possible problems that cause system downtime and alerts our team for immediate remediation; before you ever face a problem. These problems are often detected and resolved without end users having ever been aware or interrupted by them.

Remote Support

Need immediate assistance? No problem!
Our team can provide many of our support services remotely, with the same level of service. When you have a problem, you may simply contact one of our technicians, provide them with remote access and share your screen with them. We can then proceed to resolving your issue, instantly and with no waiting.

On-Demand/Onsite Support

Every Solutions Squad client has access to our entire team of skilled local consulting staff. Sometimes it works best to have a regularly scheduled onsite visit with the same person who knows your staff, your systems, and their unique personalities. We take this into consideration when customizing your service.

Trusted Adviser/Virtual Chief Technical Officer

Surprise technology problems and costs are one of the most frustrating and expensive experiences a small business can experience. That’s why we provide our clients with a Virtual Chief Technical Officer who meets with them regularly to make sure their technology is supporting their business goals and to evaluate how our companies are working together to see if anything changes are needed. The Virtual Chief Technical Officer can be your adviser on all your technology purchases & decisions to ensure they work together as an integrated system.

Customized Service and Affordable Pricing

We have been in business long enough to know what a business of your size typically needs to spend to implement & maintain best practices. Because of our years of experience and ability to leverage our partnerships, we can pass on savings to you.