Many computer support issues and network maintenance tasks can be handled remotely. But really there’s no replacement for hands-on, onsite desktop support and onsite server maintenance.

We offer our clients both service options: onsite computer support and remote technical support, depending on specific needs.

When performing critical support functions such as desktop support, server support or network support maintenance or repair, being onsite can be essential for effectively addressing issues and implementing solutions quickly.

As a matter of policy, we provide our clients with an average response time of less than four hours. And because we spend the time to understand each of our clients’ work and systems environments, we’re able to quickly and effectively resolve issues with the least possible impact on the business.

When you hire us to help you take care of and maintain your technical environment, we provide you with a primary engineer who serves as your lead on-site resource. We also assign a secondary engineer who will be familiar with your environment and will be able to plug in right away should your primary engineer be unavailable or require assistance.

Our team is comprised of highly motivated industry-leading engineer who possess a wide range of skills and proficiencies that can be brought to bear for any client. So should you ever have a project that requires a unique expertise, we’ll make sure that resource is available to you.