We have partnered with Cisco Systems, Sonicwall, Dell, HP, Sophos and other leading vendors to provide our customers highly reliable and secure networking solutions.

We are often asked how we can improve network performance or accomplish specific tasks. Here is a list of how we can assist in solving networking challenges and improving your overall network infrastructure:

VPN & Remote Access

  • Easily link branch offices to share files and applications
  • Provide remote access to company’s network for traveling or remote employees
  • Provide secure remote access from mobile phones like Android devices & iPhones

Wireless Networking

  • Provide guests a wireless connection while keeping your company network secure
  • Deploy a secure wireless network to public areas or outdoor locations
  • Provide wireless network coverage to an area where providing consistent network availability is difficult
  • Centrally manage multiple wireless access points to improve security and simplify administration

Local Area Network / LAN

  • Improve network performance between PCs and servers
  • Reduce data backup time by increasing network bandwidth
  • Segment traffic to improve performance and security